Blue Note Junction

Community Health and Business Incubator

Building on over 20 years of foundational work within this legacy neighborhood, Hood Huggers International, Peace Gardens & Market, and Asheville Creative Arts are partnering to create a one-of-a-kind health and business incubator within the community. As the neighborhood braces itself for yet another highway expansion, this partnership leans into existing plans and policies to address long-standing needs within our community.

A synergistic mix of art, environment, and social enterprise – a destination where the health and wealth of the Black, Indigenious, People of Color (BIPOC) community takes center stage.

Part cultural center, part neighborhood spa, part event venue, part buy-local retail – this all-inclusive space incorporates business & entrepreneurial development at every level, with an additional commitment to reinvest profits back into BIPOC neighborhoods and endeavors throughout the Asheville region.

Thanks to an extremely generous matching grant from the Brown Family, the community doubled $29k of funding, and we have been selected as recipients for two competitive grants to support the project:  a $75,000 technical assistance grant from Opportunity Appalachia and a $200,000 grant from the Healthy Food Financing Initiative for the construction of the fresh market that will be one of the key anchors of the Blue Note Junction. 

Consider making a tax-deductible donation today, getting us that much closer to raising the Phase I  funds needed to build this community-centered health & business incubator.

The creation of the Blue Note Junction will be a multi-phased project over 5 years, with all funds expended/work intended to be completed by the end of 2026.

Phase I

Community Engagement, Land Acquisition, Planning, & Capacity Building

Phase II

Breaking Ground, Continued Community Engagement, Integrating Youth, BIPOC Businesses & Key Partners, Phased Soft Opening

Phase III

Continuation of Phased Soft Opening, Continued Community Engagement, Expansion of Key Partners, Hard/Grand Opening, Strategic Plan for Sustainability

Our hope and intent is to create a community-owned business structure – with ownership, operations, and profits belonging collectively to the Burton Street Community. Environmental sustainability and creative reuse are key focal points for all aspects of the project.

Full design-build will include the following:

  • Buy-local retail market featuring local BIPOC makers & growers
  • Hood Tours
  • Community co-working space – including business incubation.
  • Indoor and outdoor venue/performance/teaching space.
  • Greenhouses & teaching gardens.
  • Neighborhood Spa
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • 3rd floor housing and art residency


Number of community members who visit/utilize the space for improved health and sense of well-being.

  • % of those who are BIPOC people

Number of community members with an improved sense of well-being or quality of life as a result of participating in the space.

  • % of those who are BIPOC people

Number of community members attending health/wellness-related activities at the space (i.e. gardening classes, neighborhood spa, wellness classes, healthy cooking classes, etc.)

  • % of those who are BIPOC people


Number of jobs created, including those associated with the pending I-26 expansion.

  • % of those jobs that are occupied by BIPOC people

Number of BIPOC businesses supported, started, or expanded in conjunction with the space, including those associated with the pending I-26 expansion.

Lend your time, talent, or treasure to help make this incredible vision a reality!

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